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Highland Cafe is a local downtown Elgin Cafe.  We have great coffee, sandwiches, hot chocolate, and specials like the Chicken Bacon Ranch Burrito, a Great Chili, Poke Bowls, Soft Serve Ice Cream and a whole lot more!  Taking over from Domani Cafe in February 2019, we have become a comfortable and trendy place great for the whole family!  

A family owned and locally run and managed place, we strive to do our best for our customers each and every time.  Serving specially crafted food and drinks to please any and every palate.  Located in a beautiful historic location with music like the Grateful Dead often playing (Our manager Adam's favorite!) it is a comfortable atmosphere for everyone.  

We are here for the Elgin Community and will be around for a long time to serve you.  If there is something you want to have, let us know and we will try to make it happen.

We have quick grab in the case, fresh made for you, parfait, ice cream, pastries, many crafted drinks.  Be comfortable coming and staying all day, but we have quick options so you don't have to.

For breakfast, lunch, coffee, special drinks, special events and more, come on down to Highland Cafe, we are waiting for you with a smile!

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